Project rain and snail! Amazing!

Here in Belgium it starts to rain so much. Exit is always a problem but finding out the rain and its creatures is beautiful!
Today we have met so many snails that we brought home in a paper towel.
We have arranged near the window in a container.
After a while, we have seen them get out there one by one.
The children are excited and so happy!

Observe nature, explore and learn closely everything that surrounds us is fun and amazing.

My children now sleep happy as the rain comes down and snails eat salad!







Experience in the kitchen: work with eggs

The crafts, the manipulation, experiment and try, learning and studying are all processes that come in a natural way with the life of every day.
These are all steps that the children study closely if we allow them to get in touch with everything that surrounds them.
The environment that welcomes them is of prime importance, everything is exciting, everything has a double or triple meaning in the eyes of young researchers.
The children will never stop appearance but take it down a thesis two hundred times to be sure that you have obtained a meaning of its own.

A house is certainly not devoid of stimuli if you put in the conditions of those who must accompany and stimulate a child.
Each room has its own particular purpose or objective.
We live in a loft so the space is not lacking and even the light, we move easily from one room to another but if we cook we like to stay near the stove.
Today we have discovered how to become an egg if it is boiled.
A real magic!

work with eggs


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New project with hands and fantasy: stamps for childrens

I’ve always loved, I always loved the stamps, stickers and colorful stickers.
In a well-stocked shop in the center I found these stamps for kids very nice, really beautiful.





Each jar is themed: there is the theme of the farm with lots of animals, one of the circus with clowns and acrobats, but we love the princesses and brave suitors.
The children immediately loved the style of the stamps even though it was the first time I saw one.
These can be handled well, are soft and not too big. Perfect!

How to start?
A sheet any, a kid-sized table and a damp towel.
A single demonstration to indicate the correct use of the stamps and then go! Start the game of fantasy!
A very positive note: the stamps are completely and fully washable so no fear!


I saw the children create very imaginative compositions, imaginative and beautiful.
They created stories with princesses and kings, fairies and frogs.
A beautiful way to create stories and draw them, color them and then read them again.


After the atelier of creativity you can then move on to the color!
Good luck and … Be Sociable, Share!

Beginning with : mirrors

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The first time I proposed to my children the mirrors there has been an immense and long silence.
For half an hour were to look at them, turn them and touch them with your fingers tapping the surface.
With wet fingertips were small drawings round.
At some point you are stuck, stop, and watched each other.
Next I put the mirrors of small colored stones.
It did not take long to realize and act.
A. started, T. too, but in a different way.
Before they got one, then two, then many, then slid all down ‘and resumed.
They spent a lot of time positioning and repositioning the pebbles observing the perspective reflected.
They were very focused.
Whenever comparing the work station and changed just as happens in the Atelier.
Everyone then has changed position of the mirrors: they put them vertically, diagonally, and they looked for a long time every time.
A real thrill for me that I was there to observe their inventiveness.
In a short time they realized that the mirror by new forms, reflects and makes everything bigger.


How to start?
Buy the mirrors (preferably acrylics) of different forms, and we will have of rectangular, round and square, of different sizes.
Put them on a plane at a right height and maybe colored (Ikea tables are perfect). Accommodates your child on a comfortable seat and creates a “provocation.”

Give your children everything you think I can tickle their mind: vegetables, fruit, lace, stones and ….. keep watching.
Be shocked and very happy.
Good find and good growth!